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Tabs outliner paid features cannot be activated (1)
Streak CRM won't import any data (16)
Moz rank extension (8)
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Pushbullet doesn't work as it should (4)
Remote Torrent Adder - Error with the same configuration than Chrome (5)
Hide button on /r/Dashboard of Reddit Enhancement Suite extension doesn't work after Version 0.57.6 update (10)
New Tab Redirect (14)
Cannot sing in with Hangouts extension (5)
LastPass: Free Password Manager 4.19.0 does not fully adhere to settings (1)
Citing extension doesn't work (3)
Todoist extension does not function, unless Brave shields are dropped globally (3)
The 'Notifier for Gmail' extension is not working (3)
1Password extension is not working in Brave ( 2 ) (22)
Crash to Desktop on Lastpass Extension Installation in 0.55.14 (Fixed in 0.55.18) (13)
Momentum custom new tab doesn't work (3)
Evernote Web Clipper Extension (6)
Black Menu for Google gmail/google+ bug (3)
Diigo Annotate and Capture (5)
0.55.14 Crash on Extension "Adding to Brave..." (6)
Gotomeeting Chrome extension causes browser to crash (5)
OneNote not working in 55.1 a known problem (4)
Soapbox from Wistia - Can't log in (6)
LastPass issues persist in Beta (5)
Artstation Discovery unable to override New Tab content (4)
Hover Zoom unable to display GIF media (3)